CORN FLAKES Gli Originali


CORN FLAKES Gli Originali







Crispy, golden flakes of lightly sweetened corn.

CORN FLAKES Gli Originali









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I think these cereals are the first one I ever tasted in my life as a kid. My mom was (and still is) kinda obsessed with healthy food and stuff so corn flakes are the only choice she could accept for my breakfast. Of course I thought they where pretty boring in comparison with other chocolatey funny cereals my friends used to eat and I used to see on TV. Anyway since I didn’t go grocery shopping this was my only choice (at least when I was a kid, then I turned against this freaking rule..XD).
In spite of everything I have to admit I do like corn flakes, they taste so good both with yogurt and milk and I’m really fond of them so I think they deserve 2 stars! 😀




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